a mist of fog on the frontier
its intentions unclear
divine cloud of 9
or devourer of the spine

Fear does not like what it sees and seeks shelter within me
charting its course throughout
veins and passageways
familiar and unpleasant

pleasantly burning
to the tips of my fingers
to the achilles of my heels
to thy crown and thy scepter


this frantic energy of uncertainty
losing my place on the page
cold beneath the shell
warm within the center

Fear surrounds my light
releasing a webbed veil of unwanted protection
I try to be mindful of the migration of this beaver
dam this easeness into the safe

Fear is scared
its power plentiful
a temptress with a quasar for a heart
forecasting cold, with a chance of darkness

but he will not set sails for the open sea
he will not discover the gold or shiver his timbers
he will not get the girl at story’s end
he will not look into the mirror, and marry its reflective light
Fear will run
Fear will hide
Fear will scream
Fear will cry

And even if this roaming cloud, this emerging road, just wants to say hi
Fear will never know, Fear will never try
but I can still decide
I can still choose to breathe in

this rattle
this rain
this flavor
this flower

I can fly inside its beauty
caress her body, and feel the freedom
the embrace and the exhale
the love and the laughter

nice to meet you
nice to be you

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