Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nice To Meet You

I've found that introductions often times seem to be pre-scripted. We ask the same usual questions in order to try and get a feel for this new person. What do you do? Where are you from? What brings you here? And when these mundane questions are emptied out of the tank, and the routine is over, we usually just part ways.

However, there are certain occasions where the conversation does not end there, and we enter the early stages of a great friendship. This is rare, but when these moments find us, a new person in our lives somehow opens up the world. We feel connected and assured that we are not alone. There are others who think, feel, and act like us!

I remember one time this happened to me in college. I was in a film production class, and we were put into groups of four to create a video. I met up with the three others to discuss our project. Once we began, I discovered that another guy and I had a lot of the same ideas. We could not stop laughing and joked around while also brainstorming with the rest of the group. I felt as though we had not only met before, but had also always been friends.

This happens when two people are on the same wavelength and frequency. There is an instinctual connection that feels very natural and comfortable. I believe the main ingredient in this phenomenon is
sense of humor. In a way, I think our personality is defined by what we find funny and how it filters through our perception of life. Humor centers us within a world of chaos. It brings us together, and its laughter opens the gateway to life's main purpose. When everything is reduced to its lowest common denominator, we discover how we all just really want the same thing - to laugh and have fun.


  1. I remember laughing with you at the foos table at your house in Ann arbor...i don't think i ever laughed so tummy hurts so much after the day after!! cheers!

  2. You do not "make" friends, you recognize them.
    Learned from someone very wise.

  3. I love that! I feel that way often. Thank you for sharing!