Friday, March 5, 2010

Soul Meditation

I could feel my heart beating and its flow resonating beneath the exterior of my flesh. A state of being, self-awareness, with the feeling of humanity lies within. All emotions are present, wanting to break free, asking to be released and experienced. I could cry, I could laugh, I could scream, I could move, I could think. But my goal is not to. I am silent, I am reserved, and I am observing all that is within. What is this? Is it a beast waiting to be unleashed onto its master? Is it freedom awaiting its independence? The power is frightening at first, but it is soon realized that this force is ours. Ours to share with others, ours to create, ours to expand, and ours to enjoy.

It makes sense, but then what is sense? It feels right, but then what is to feel right? This is who we are, who I am. The soul’s vessel to learn and grow. It is encased within a physical body, trapped for some. But there is always a choice for you, and a choice for your soul. The force within can be harnessed at any moment, and change your perspective. The perspective of life is what you choose it to be.

The soul as our true selves, chosen to take a journey through corporeal form. This form is and always will be imperfect. Unlike the Soul which is undefined and only imaginable. This journey begins through the world of the exterior. But it always returns to inside. To the reflection. It is within our power to reflect without the judgment, to observe everything as an experience – none good or bad. These experiences exercise the soul.

At times this can be overwhelming, with so much happening at once. Such emotions as loss, anger, and jealousy can become so powerful and conquer our thoughts. But they don’t need to conquer us.

Am I trapped? I don’t believe so. And belief is freedom. Belief is choice. Belief is what’s inside. This marks the experience of our soul and guides its journey through the physical world. What kind of journey would you like to embark on? What do you want to share with your soul?

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