Sunday, March 28, 2010

Letting Go

I've repeatedly discovered that balance is one of the most fundamental elements in life. My great-grandfather used to frequently say "everything in moderation," and it's so true! It makes sense that people need to share their time and not obsess over one thing or another. Sometimes it can feel difficult to change from silly to serious, as though it is just too much effort. However, the interesting thing is that transformation can occur by a simple change in perspective. It can happen in an instant and completely alter your current state of being. It is an especially powerful tool that can be used to let go of our fears and worries, and it also helps us get back into a more free and natural flow.

When letting go of troublesome thoughts we stop the repetitive negative thinking and become settled in the moment. Life really is just a series of moments, and we have the choice of concentrating on the past, present, or future. When we focus our energy in the present, we stay in each moment as it arises, and let it be. I think we become more centered and at peace because all that we experience just is. We move our attention and ease into a more organic state of mind.

Laughter is one of the best ways to discover this state. If you're in a disturbing mood and cannot seem to break out of the usual monotony; a funny joke or silly moment can transport you to another place. It creates a displacement from the world around you, and provides the freedom to let go. The best is when we become pleasantly caught in a chain of laughter that never seems to end. There is a unique high that circulates throughout the body and leaves you with a satisfied feeling that many call a "good laugh." There is movement seemingly everywhere including the mouth, lungs, stomach, chest, back, arms and legs. It often results in belly aches, coughing, and trouble breathing, but amazingly these are all side effects that we love to experience! Through movement, this pure laughter has a way of clearing stagnant energy out of the body and acts as a present moment transfusion for the mind. After such fits of laughter, I always feel refreshed, cleaned out, and back in touch with myself.

One good laugh a day surely is the best medicine, but what's equally important is to allow one's self to be open to the laughter and appreciate these moments where letting go. It contributes to balance and helps refresh our place on the spectrum of life. 


  1. You're right...the only time I look forward to a headache is when it follows a fit of laughing :-)

  2. Absolutely! Thanks for the comment Aaron!!

  3. It's funny, my grandfather said the same thing, "everything in moderation."

    It is truly amazing that you can be in such a soar mood, and then something happens, or someone says something, and your off laughing. Then, moments later you have no idea what had just made you so angry or sad. That state seems to dissipate, but it usually a choice whether to give into it or not. We have all seen someone or even our selves try to hold onto a pout only to have our lips turn upward into a smile and then a roar of laughter. If only we could remember that when we are not feeling so good about ourselves over something that seems so significant but usually is not as dramatic as we want to make it. I think if we imagine ourselves in that moment when a sad face turns to an uncontrollable smile, then we can lighten our load. JB Kal you are so right that it can happen in an instant. I wonder how others feel about that?

  4. Hello JB,

    I agree about the wonderfulness of laughing fits. Laughing creates a buzz in the blood that is unmatched. I just wrote an article in Seed Magazine about emotion and emotional expression. I think you'd find it interesting. You can find it at my latest blog post, or the link below.